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Bo Srey

ANUSARA Yoga® Playshop: Principles of Arm Balancing with Bo Srey

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    The nondual tantric scriptures often describe the nature of the manifest universe as a Play of Consciousness, or chitshaktivilas in Sanskrit. 

    Even Shakespeare wrote, 

    All the world’s a stage, 

    And all the men and women merely players; 

    They have their exits and their entrances; 

    And one man in his time plays many parts... 

    In this fun and delightfully intense playshop, we’ll play and flow, pulsing between dynamic movements and pauses to show how the Universal Principles of Alignment® (UPAs) can level-up our arm balance game. 

    Expect an awakening, fun flow with inversions and backbends as well! Above all, we’ll link our play to the greater Play of Consciousness, infusing the teachings of nondual tantra into our practice. 

    This playshop is open to those with a regular practice and not optimal for raw beginners. Beginner’s mind is always welcome. 



    As the only Experienced Certified Anusara® yoga teacher in the region, Bo is delighted to re-join PURE Singapore after 20 years of traveling and teaching Anusara® yoga teacher trainings and events worldwide. Having grown up as an aspiring ninja, Bo discovered hatha yoga after a martial arts injury left him with a torn hamstring. The freedom and bliss experienced after that first class was a revelation for him. Drawing from his background as a former martial artist and avid mountain biker, Bo combines his love for intensity and flow with the spacious teachings of nondual tantra: recognizing that all is a play of the One, encouraging practitioners to simply have fun.



    August 2024 (Saturday) 


     PURE Yoga, Asia Square Tower 


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    ANUSARA Yoga® Playshop: Principles of Arm Balancing with Bo Srey

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