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Sandy Shum

Arrow of Balance: GIRL POWER by Sandy & Jimin

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    It’s time to celebrate the essence of GIRL POWER, where we proudly reign as the prop queens! Whether embracing the yoga chair’s support, dancing with the yoga wheel, engaging with resistance bands, utilising yoga blocks, or cocooning in yoga blankets, each prop becomes a stepping stone, propelling your regular practice to newfound heights. For those enchanted by the magic of props, this programme unveils a tailored journey just for you.

    In the inviting space of our weekend intensives, allow the expertise of our specialised pillar teachers, Sandy and Jimin, to lead you through an engaging exploration using props.

    We will guide you through a comprehensive programme, exploring deep backbends, focusing on hip openings and shoulder stretches, progressing to strong inversions, forward folds, and partner-assisted traction exercises. This journey will help you discover and activate your powerhouse for effective core work.

    Join us on this invigorating journey where the fusion of GIRL POWER, prop mastery, and mindful exploration creates a symphony of growth. Let the weekend intensives be a chapter of discovery, innovation, and inner harmony on your yogic adventure!



    Asia Square Tower 1 Yoga 

    Saturday, 2 March


    Hip Openings 

    The yoga chair is not a regression; it’s a progression! It serves as the perfect prop to facilitate a deep stretch, particularly for your hips. Over the course of this 3-hour programme, you will acquire the skills to properly engage and enhance your hip opening through partner exercises, discovering both depth and space within your hip opening sequence. Let the expertise of our specialised pillar teachers, Sandy and Jimin, guide you through a creative sequence that you might never have tried before!


    Sunday, 3 March  


    Core & Arm Balance

    Two Pilates Mat & Reformer teachers will guide you through a comprehensive core programme, instructing on how to engage your powerhouse more effectively to enhance the performance of yoga arm balance asanas. We will utilise Pilates ball, resistance band, magic circle, and Bala bangles to elevate our practice, exploring the benefits of cross-training and gaining the best from both disciplines. Additionally, precise anatomy lessons will be provided, focusing on actively incorporating your powerhouse into your practice.


    Saturday, 9 March



    We will be incorporating the yoga wheel and partner work to deepen our backbend practice through an intensive training, with guidance on how to perform deep backbends, such as the scorpion and hollow back safely. You will also learn how to do a hands-on assist with a partner, learning safe entry and exits in drop-back.


    Sunday, 10 March


    Inversions and Restorative

    Through thoughtful modifications tailored to all participants, this session will demonstrate how props can elevate your practice, aiding in bunny hops, press pikes, and backbends during inversion exercises such as the scorpion and hollow back. Experience the unexpected creativity and innovation that unfolds when props are used intelligently. Following this, discover inner peace through thoughtful guidance in restorative practices, providing a perfect conclusion to our weekend intensives.



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    Early-Bird Discount end9 February 2024. 



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    Arrow of Balance:  GIRL POWER by Sandy & Jimin

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