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Sandy Likitdachavongs

One Step Further: Introduction to Backbends with Sandy Likitdachavongs

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    Backbends are meant to be therapeutic and healing, but many of us find ourselves getting injured and developing a fear of them instead. In this weekend workshop, Sandy will guide you through her ways of heart opening to ensure you have a safe and pain-free practice, inviting more space to take your backbend practice one step further.

    Alignment, Activation, and Engagement—these form the basis of Sandy's practice and teachings. Right from the get-go, we will learn how to properly align the spine, activate the back muscles, and engage the glutes for backbends. From basic cobra to the beautiful king pigeon, learn how you can safely enter and exit these poses effectively with minimal pain. 

    Day 1: 9 Dec (Saturday)

    - Learn how to move the spine and activate the posterior chain muscles in prone backbends

    - Back and core conditioning

    - Glutes and hams conditioning

    Peak poses include “Flying Cobra” and “Bow”

    Day 2: 10 Dec (Sunday)

    - Learn how to engage and align the shoulders for more opening in overhead extended backbends

    - Build on Day 1’s conditioning exercises

    - Shoulder external rotators conditioning

    Peak poses include “Wheel” and “King Pigeon”



    PURE Yoga Asia Square Tower 2 

    Saturday & Sunday, 9 - 10 December 2023




    Full Workshop

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    One Step Further: Introduction to Backbends with Sandy Likitdachavongs

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