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Krunal Prajapati

Open & Align: Back and Hip Wellness with Master Krunal

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This intensive workshop is designed to enhance flexibility, alleviate tension, and improve overall mobility in the back and hips. Participants will engage in a series of activities including yoga, stretching routines, strength exercises, and mindfulness practices aimed at opening and strengthening these critical areas of the body.

Day 1: Foundations and Gentle Opening 

1. Welcome and Introduction (30 minutes) 

  • Introduction to the workshop’s objectives
  • Brief overview of the anatomy of the back and hips
  • Importance of back and hip health in daily life

2. Warm-Up Session 

  • Gentle stretches to prepare the body
  • Breathing exercises to promote relaxation and focus

3. Yoga for Back and Hip Opener 

  • Series of yoga poses focusing on the back and hips
  • Incorporating breath work to deepen stretches

4. Break (30minutes) 

5. Deep Stretching and Flexibility Exercises 

  • Guided stretching routines targeting the lower back, glutes, and hip flexors
  • Techniques to safely increase flexibility

6. Strengthening Exercises 

  • Exercises to build strength in the lower back and hips
  • Focus on core stability and support muscles

7. Cool Down and Reflection 

  • Gentle movements to cool down
  • Guided meditation to enhance body awareness
  • Group discussion to share experiences and insights


Day 2: Advanced Techniques and Integration 

1. Morning Warm-Up and Recap 

  • Light stretching and yoga flow to start the day
  • Recap of key points from Day 1

2. Advanced Yoga and Mobility Drills 

  • More advanced yoga poses and sequences
  • Mobility drills to further open the hips and back 

3. Break (30 minutes)

4. Partner Stretches and Assisted Techniques 

  • Partner exercises to enhance stretches
  • Techniques for deeper muscle release with assistance

5. Closing Session 

  • Final group meditation and relaxation
  • Sharing final thoughts and feedback
  • Distribution of resources and handouts for continued practice


Key Benefits:

  • Increase flexibility and mobility in the back and hips
  • Reduce pain and tension in these areas
  • Improve posture and core strength
  • Enhance overall well-being and body awareness

This workshop is suitable for individuals of all levels who are looking to improve their back and hip health, including those experiencing tightness, discomfort, or stiffness in these areas. It’s ideal for yoga practitioners, yoga teachers and anyone interested in enhancing their flexibility and mobility.


What to Bring:

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Water bottle 
  • Notebook and pen for taking notes

Join us for this transformative experience and take a significant step towards better back and hip health!



14 - 15 September (Sat & Sun)

Pure Yoga, Ngee Ann City

12.30pm - 6:00pm



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Open & Align: Back and Hip Wellness with Master Krunal

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