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Farhanna Farid

Squat, Bench and Deadlift with Farhanna Farid

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 About the Programme

This 4-hour workshop covers the fundamental movements of powerlifting: the squat, bench and deadlift  (SBD). Participants will learn the basics of SBD, identify the most optimal form and techniques suited to their individual leverages, how to optimise their performance and gain a brief insight of RPE- (Rating of Perceived Exertion) based programmes.


This workshop provides participants with the knowledge and skill set they need to execute the three big movements in a safe and guided environment. It serves to not only establish a strong foundation for lifting weights but also empower participants with the knowledge of their own bodies, movement and confidence under physically demanding situations. 


Day 1: An Introduction to the Squat, Bench and Deadlift

-   Basic Execution: How to lift safely, brace, joint stack and establish midfoot pressure

-   Debunk common misconceptions and myths

-   Practical: SBD

Day 2: Optimisation of Lifts and Testing of 1-Rep Maxes

-   Bonus tips: How to warm up and set up optimally

-   Troubleshooting

-   Introduce momentum

-   Basics of programming (RPE system)

-   Practical: 1-rep max testing 


Powerlifting is for all ages, shapes and sizes. Learning how to lift safely is the first step to lifting heavy and lifting regularly. 


Through Farhanna’s guidance, participants will build the mental fortitude that will allow them to consistently push themselves beyond their comfort zones and break their own glass ceilings. Beyond that, they will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their bodies.



PURE Fitness Ngee Ann City

24-25 June 2023




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Terms & Conditions 

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    Squat, Bench and Deadlift with Farhanna Farid

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