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Copper Crow

Tibetan Heart Yoga with Copper Crow

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    About the Workshop

     "You cannot enter the door of yoga without kindness and compassion for others." – Changkya Rinpoche

    Join Copper with Tibetan Heart Yoga and cultivate peace and compassion in your life and the lives of others. Bring a friend or come and make new friends – all are welcome!

    Tibetan Heart Yoga is an ancient series of holistic practices that bring together the physical and subtle body, mind, and emotions to create a deeply profound yogic experience. Known as the Yoga of Compassion, this practice combines the physical poses we all know and love with a traditional Tibetan Buddhist meditation technique known as the Tong-Len (method for destroying suffering and giving away joy and kindness). These two practices together work to untangle the knots around the heart, opening the heart chakra and allowing for a profound experience of connection, love, and compassion for all beings. 

    In this workshop, you will learn: 

    Tibetan Heart Yoga, a 90-minute practice consisting of asana, pranayama, mantra, and meditation. 

    ·       Theory – What, Why and How

    o   6 Perfections of a Bodhisattva (an enlightened being or Yogi)

    o   Tong-Len (visualisation meditation)

    o   Japa Mantra (sound mala meditation)

    o   Chakras (energy centers along the spine)

    o   Asanas (yoga poses)

    ·       Practice (approx. 90 min)

    ·       Q&A

    * Workshop consists of both physical practice and theoretical discussion. Open to all levels of practitioners. 

    **Price includes printed practice pamphlet and our own personal mala meditation tool.



    2 June 2024


    PURE Yoga, Ngee Ann City



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    Terms & Conditions 

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    Tibetan Heart Yoga with Copper Crow

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