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April Lu

Asana Series: All About Splits with April Lu

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    24 August 2024 (Saturday)

    9am – 12pm

    PURE Yoga, Ngee Ann City


    About The Workshop

    Join April for this 3-hour yoga workshop dedicated to mastering the splits!

    You will work towards both front splits, Hanumanasana and middle splits, Samakonasana and variations.

    Part 1: Foundation and Alignment

     · Gain a deeper understanding of the foundational principles behind the poses.

     · Receive April’s guidance on optimal alignment to prevent injury and enhance the benefits of the pose.

    · Explore preparatory stretches to open the hamstrings, hip flexors, groin, and inner thighs, creating the ideal conditions for successful splits. 


    Part 2: Flexibility and Progression

     · Dive into flexibility-building exercises targeting the muscles involved in splits.

    · Practice progressive stretches and drills designed to gradually increase flexibility and range of motion.

     · Learn modifications and variations to tailor the practice to your individual needs and current level.


    What You'll Gain:

     · A solid foundation in the mechanics and alignment of the splits.

     · Increase flexibility in the hamstrings, hip flexors, groin, and inner thighs.

     · Strengthen supporting muscles for stability and control.

     · Confidence to approach the splits with mindfulness and grace.



    April’s first three years of yoga practice were very much a casual affair. Like many, she turned to yoga only for “stretching” after her intense weight and resistance training. But one day in 2016, she magically felt a strong sense of presence on the mat. It was a feeling of immense concentration, but it was also mentally relieving. She didn’t understand then but kept on showing up for classes to learn more. “Show up, do the work and trust the process” is a motto that she lives by. April also enjoys the therapeutic elements of yoga, both physiological and psychological, especially in today’s fast-paced world.

    Coming from a corporate background, she encounters a lot of people struggling with procrastination, fatigue, headaches, shoulder issues and back pain due to stress and poor body-mind awareness and connection. She feels a responsibility to share her practice and influence those who can benefit from yoga.

    For April, yoga goes beyond asanas or the physical practice – more importantly, it is about holistic well-being and mindful living. Through asana practice, we strengthen our physical body. Through pranayama (breathing practice), we tame our mind. Through yoga philosophy, we learn to be non-judgemental and kind. Through mindfulness, we eat better, sleep better, think clearer. Eventually, we cultivate joy to enjoy life fully, inside and out. 

    “We practice yoga not to get better at yoga but to get better at life.”



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    24 August 2024 (Saturday)

    9am – 12pm

    PURE Yoga, Ngee Ann City



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    Asana Series: All About Splits with April Lu

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